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Saturday, July 26

Sprouting Beginnings!

I've been saying that the next thing I wanted to dabble in is sprouting. I found this cute little sprouter for around 20 bucks on Amazon, so I decided to give it a shot... Above you'll see the seeds before soaking. The tiny ones are broccoli and the fat ones are lentil.

And... drumroll please... 48 hours later from those little dormant seeds, we have life! (After 24 hours I threw away the other full tray of broccoli seeds because they were all fuzzy, but now I see that the fuzz is just tiny roots! Oops.)

First thing Will did when I showed them to him was grab a fat lentil seed sprout and eat it! Good boy.


Wendi Dee said...

Yay!!! It's so exciting to grow and eat sprouts. My going raw journal was titled: Sprouting Alive. :-)

Congrats on the birth of your sprout babies! How cool that Will is interested in them, too!!!

Lots of love to you,


kellie said...

neato, jo-jo! how exciting for you. and inspiring to me--need to get sproutin'! enjoy!

RawBin said...

I haven't even taken the sprouts and Sproutman bags out of the box from last week's event. You are way ahead of me! I better get crackin!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

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badash said...

REALLY? where do you live???

is sprouting hard? where do you get the stuff TO sprout? I've never tried anything sprouted besides when i "soak" nuts and raisins.

badash said...

REALLY?! well dang, we should meet up sometime and talk about raw foods!

how long have you been raw?

badash said...

i've only been raw for 2 months.

butttt i went pretty much cold turkey with one slip up --- steamed broccoli.... and it made me sick!

i will be doing this the rest of my life!!!!!

Blaq Berry said...

Ohhhh, those look beautiful. You can feel the life energy thru the monitor. Wonderful job! :D

I used to sprout lentils all the time... Need to get back into doing that!


Kristi said...

OK Honey, How bout sprouting us a new post? I did save some broccoli seed from my garden for planting and sprouting. I read broccoli sprouts are excellent for you!
Love ya,