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Monday, July 21

raw foodie trip 2

Photos from Will's YMCA Camp in King, NC

Photos from Virginia Beach with Rawbin

Photos from the Mt Airy/ Sproutman/ Blaqberry/ Jer/ Rawbin excursion

Photos from WendiDee's home in PA/ Jim/ KDCat/ Medamoso/ poi

These are 'raw' slideshows, unaltered, lol. Will polish them up later! :D


Blaq Berry said...

MM-Kay!! :O ...I totally jumped when the fireworks started, my volume was on the highest setting! lol Looks like Will had a great time!! I chuckled at the gangsta-like pose ;P hee!

You guys really did experience the beach! *jeelus* ...makes me want to jump in the car and head on over. I'll be a Poi peep pretty soon here too :) Wendi Dee is so lovely. Can't wait to meet her in the real some day. And I laughed out loud at the pictures we took. Hubs and I both agreed that just looking at them took us away, like we were all still out there having fun.

It was soo wonderful to be in your presence! Hopefully it won't be too long before we all get to hang out and be silly again! ;D *huuuuuug*

HiHoRosie said...

Fun! Pictures looks great! What fun times with fun people. Cherished memories for sure.

Penni said...

JoAnna...I loved geting that wonderful glimpse into your road trip and it was awesome some of my most favorite Twitterini's coming together. I am intrigued with the Poi thing.

You are soooo pretty and I can't wait to meet you in real life next month in Atlanta!! Woohoo!!