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Thursday, October 16

Fudgie Wudgies rawk the house!

From the First ever RawTN meetup...

The infamous Fudgie Wudgies!

Yeah, these didn't last long! I'm so glad we made them though. I definitely got rave reviews over these cookies, and they are soooooooo easy! If you beg real hard I might share the recipe... or... you might get it from my friend Revvell - you have to ask nicely though... hehe. (by the way, Revvell's website is an amazing resource for learning, as she has interviews up with so many amazing people!)

Here is Chef Brian Au raw-kin us some raw reeses cups! Oh my, have had these many times since then! :o

We met some great new friends! Some new friends with experience in overcoming cancer with the raw food lifestyle (above) And some new local friends that are just getting back into the hang of raw after the craziness of moving...

The RawTN crew was there raw-presenting as well, hehe... I had so much fun! Let's do it again!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14

Photo blog about Chef Brian Au's visit with us in Tn.

At the top of the blog you may notice my new mascot photo. That is Brian's spur of the moment, let's see what's in the fridge, veggie sushi. I was hesitant about the 'shrooms, but to his credit, the whole thing tasted as good as it looked!

Chef Brian Au's Raw-violis were great! Mmmm... and so quik too!
Another one of those... Let's see what's in the fridge recipes...

He really can do what he says!
Raw in ten... for under 10 bucks too!

Omg, you shoulda tasted the raw Reeses cups! Mmmm....
Then there were the tacos he made for me Friday... Aren't they pretty?! And easy!

Chef Brian in action, we caught him off guard! He is such a good sport!

And he gives away free stuff too! I am a happy camper... And so were the kids!

Having Brian here with us for 5 days was sooooooooo cool! While we hardly had time for him to teach us everything he knows, lol, he did teach us several very helpful things!


Chuck was his tour guide while in Nashville, here they are posing before heading out on Saturday...

Evidently I missed something on Friday while I was at work, because Chuck called Brian 'Samurai' from Fri evening on... Here Chuck had him pose for the nickname shot...

I believe it may have had something to do with the height of my weeds in my yard? Hmmm....

While the guys were gone Saturday, Kas and I played in the kitchen all day. Turns out she's got the knack for raw food! She made a yummy raw soup, and here you see her making tomatillo lime jalapeno salsa completely from scratch and by intuition.

The salsa was approved by the tough judging committee...

Then cleaned up...
(The aftermath..)
to be continued...

Wednesday, October 8

Life is a highway...

iNSPIRATION is an interesting thing....
Life's like a road that you travel on
When there's one day here and the next day gone

Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind
There's a world outside ev'ry darkened door
Where blues won't haunt you anymore

Where brave are free and lovers soar

Come ride with me to the distant shore

We won't hesitate

To break down the garden gate

There's not much time left today

[Chorus:]Life is a highway

I wanna ride it all night long...

(Rascal Flats)

Yes, Life is a highway- and ours has been under construction...

Don't you hate road construction?! It's always a hassle and seems dangerous going through those lane switches and cones. Ever had a construction worker almost in your driving lane... on the freeway???!!! I have.
Nevertheless, when the construction is over, usually things are much better after completion of the projects. Such is life in my house.

No, we're not doing construction. I wish. Well, I do have the paint for the bathroom (see previous post- and no, I haven't done it yet, lol.) We HAVE been decluttering many areas of our home! 4 trips to goodwill so far for things like kids clothes they'll never fit into and scads of paperbacks that have been collecting dust at the last 3-4 homes we've lived in.

Mostly our construstion has been within our family. Kassika our oldest daughter has come home and we have so many things to talk about and talk over. There have been so many misunderstandings between us, as well as between her and Tiffany. She's learned so much in the last 16 months, and is using her knowledge to move forward. I have really enjoyed the talks we've had over the past 6weeks! I appreciate that she perseveres until I understand instead of just throwing her hands up in the air and walking away.

We have instituted Family Night into our life again. Usually on Monday nights, we will eat together a cooked main dish with raw sides (I think they're getting a taste for some of it!) and then play games or sit around the piano or watch a movie- you get the point... I think it's catching on around here! :D I love spending time with my family... We miss Will and Dad though...

I have quite the construction going on in my own life as well. I've been thinking about what is important to me, and what I spend the majority of my time doing. Funny, it doesn't work. Recently I have set goals to turn this around so that I will be doing what's important to me (helping others learn about options that can improve their health and well-being), more and more. Updates on that as things firm up...


On a lighter note...

Here's the Pumpkin Patch we went to on Saturday, and us on our way! We had lotsa fun. Cedar Rock has the looooooooongest hayride I've ever been on! It goes all through the woods with scarecrows dressed up and even some moving ones! They have a big corn maze too, and plenty of selection of interesting pumpkin varieties. All in all a great day!

Next up: Raw Chef Bryan Au comes to town 10/8/08 at 5pm! Watch for yumminess! :D