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Saturday, July 26

Sprouting Beginnings!

I've been saying that the next thing I wanted to dabble in is sprouting. I found this cute little sprouter for around 20 bucks on Amazon, so I decided to give it a shot... Above you'll see the seeds before soaking. The tiny ones are broccoli and the fat ones are lentil.

And... drumroll please... 48 hours later from those little dormant seeds, we have life! (After 24 hours I threw away the other full tray of broccoli seeds because they were all fuzzy, but now I see that the fuzz is just tiny roots! Oops.)

First thing Will did when I showed them to him was grab a fat lentil seed sprout and eat it! Good boy.

Tuesday, July 22

Joey wins talent contest at Bedford County Fair!

Yeah! He did such a great job singing. The competition was surprisingly tough! There wasn't a bad singer up there all evening. I had a few technical difficulties, though. You may notice one or two of them, if you are extremely perceptive...

Grand Prize: $15- The memory: priceless...

Raw fu challenge! ARe you ready?

Monday, July 21

raw foodie trip 2

Photos from Will's YMCA Camp in King, NC

Photos from Virginia Beach with Rawbin

Photos from the Mt Airy/ Sproutman/ Blaqberry/ Jer/ Rawbin excursion

Photos from WendiDee's home in PA/ Jim/ KDCat/ Medamoso/ poi

These are 'raw' slideshows, unaltered, lol. Will polish them up later! :D

Thursday, July 17

Finally, the photos from Charlotte!

Will at summer camp!

Will appears to be having a great time at summer camp in King, NC!

I say 'appears' because there is no contact except checking the site's photo album daily to see if you can find your kid. You know he's loving THAT! lol.

Anyway, just wanted to share the photos as I'm feeling nostalgic since he's not here. It's very quiet at the homestead with Will at Camp and Joey at Annual Training!

Will and I had a great weekend with Bethany (lilgirlbigvoice) in Charlotte last weekend prior to taking Will to camp on Sunday. We went to the farmer's market, made raw treats in the dehydrator, and had zucchini 'pasta' in a beautiful uptown park with all the cranes you could ever want, lol. Met some new friends there at the park who brought raw brownies w/ vanilla cream sauce and yummy watermelon. (thank you madpryor!) We sat there until the sun set and relaxed and talked. Bliss. I have photos to prove all this, but I have to find my camera! I will try to post them tonight.

Sunday morning we hated to leave Bethany, our new friend, but Will was really excited about camp, so we went.

The drive up to King was amazing and peaceful. We marveled at the trees and mountains, blue skies and farmlands. When we got up to camp, I graciously offered to stay there in his place... I wanna go to summer camp! He wasn't buying it though. After hauling his gear off to cabin 14, I headed for the hills. (oh wait, I was already in the hills, lol)

I never knew that I loved driving by myself. Peace. Tranquility. Mountains. Valleys. Rest Areas. Farmer's markets in roadside buildings. Perfect life. Perfect weekend.