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Saturday, June 7

And the beet is on....

I'm just back in from the RawTn garden. Whew, 91 degrees today! For any of you who care, here's the garden good news: (and if you don't care, the bad news is further down the post, lol)

Most noticeable of all: the beets look amazing! Wow, just beautiful. They are the most appealing and abundant thing in the garden! Can't wait to throw those babies in my smoothies! (I hear you get colorful pee, lol)

Ok, tmi, next vegie: the romaine looks great. Lots of 6" tall heads coming up. Mmmm, they are gonna be good!!!!!!!!!!! Also, tiny 'salad bowl' and 'mesculin' lettuces are popping their little heads up. They're so cute, I just wanna clean off their little faces!

'Danvers' carrot tops are about 6" high. I would assume that means they are doing well...

The spinach: well, I only have about 7 plants in my 3 rows... Dunno. I will take whatever I get... I was really hoping for an abundance of spinach because we make smoothies with it all the time!

Garden beans are getting tall! About 12" so far.

One plant of basil and one of parsley doing well, lol.

Pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon plants are thriving. About 18" tall already! They are very hearty plants... The ones to try if you were doing a container garden for the first time. That and romaine. Oh, and the beets, lol.

Corn shoots are 2 inches tall and look good. This ends the report on the good news. If you are faint of heart you may not want to read on...

The bad news:

Cabbage worms got all of my cabbage and most of the baby bok choy! I could just weep. I have been looking forward to these babies for weeks! The cabbage was nearly annihilated! I pulled them and their little friends (not) up and tied them in a plastic bag and sent them far, far away to my neighbor's garden. (kidding!)

The snap beans are tall, but kinda scraggly and yellowish towards the bottom? I'm thinking maybe they got fried by being watered too close to mid-day.

White onions and chives are very scraggly so far. Maybe they don't like the soil here, or maybe they take longer to get hearty?

The last item on the bad news report has to do with the first abundant item in the good news section:

I'm the only one in my family that will touch a beet! Well, I guess the beet is on...


Birch Center said...

I loved reading about your garden! I am so into my garden this year, and it is so amazingly abundant. Thanks for the great update!
~ Melissa (medamoso on twitter, and Melissa's Juice Journal

Wendi Dee said...

That sucks about the worms getting the plants...I cried for the poor bok choy! *sobs*

I'd love to see pics of your garden, as it's growing! It sounds like you have a great variety of things planted!!

Not to rush you along with your raw appliances, but do get the spiralizer, next, so that you can eat beet pasta!!! I LOVE beet pasta with alfredo sauce. YUM!!

Lots of love to you!


Lore said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog, we are here in TN already for 2 weeks and we love it! We are in Knoxville now but will buy a house on the outskirts. Congrats on your garden, sounds yummy, I cannot wait to get our home (started looking for our country home but we need time to get used to the different areas around here before we make a decision, lots of nice quiet places though)to start my garden!!! On the edible plants I have not done much research yet with all the moving and all but as soon as I get something I will post it in my blog.
Happy gardening,