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Friday, May 23

Ode to twitter- Tiniest Bok Choy Celebration & a bit about me...

You know who you are! Bok choy fan club... NO more grandaddy bok choy's for me! I now have the tiniest baby boks. Actually, could they even possibly be 'newborn boks?' In a week or so I will thin them out as the package says and eat them in my salad! :D OH puhleazeeeeeee don't chirp! Ok, ok, 'nuf with the inside joke stuff! I'm just having a bit of fun here and you don't even know how to take me yet! (Come on over and join the fun at if you aren't part of our group yet! Twitter is a fun way to keep in touch with likeminded peeps. I think it's a requirement that you have to be brilliant to be on there, but they are so kind that they haven't kicked me out yet! *big grin!* My twitter 'name' is RawTn) About that- RawTn- Bet you're wondering what the name's about... Well, I am a native California girl (SoCal baby! Like fer sher.) who has been very interested in all things health related for many years now. It all started with the mohawk, then the herbs, then vitamins, then essential oils, then whole foods, and now [drum roll please..............] I have just 'discovered' RAW! ****Wait!**** No, not raw meat, lol. Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. and so forth. Food as God put here for us naturally. Right out of the garden. (Not quite yet though, the veggies are still un-cooking, lol.) Anyway, this city girl has been transplanted (happily) to Tennesee as of Oct 6, 2006. I love everything about Tennessee except the abundance of bugs and the fact that my family is all thousands of miles from here! Hubby and I have four 'kids' (22, 20, 18 & 13) and live in a log cabin on 4+ acres with big big trees, a three week old garden, 12 Tennessee walking horses, 3 english setters, a cat/kitten combo and a Macaw to top it all off. We have homeschooled the middle girls through high school, and Will (fruitfreek on twitter) is the last of the Mohicans to get thru high school- which starts Tuesday! (I heard that groan!) We have quite a few irons on the fire here of late, I couldn't possibly blog about it all tonight! OH Mr. Sandman................ bring me a dream..................... (oh yeah, he'll be back from the horse show soon! Yay!)


RawBin said...

12 horses!! Cute little baby bocs. Would those be preemies? You're soooo gonna love eating them. Great daffodil pics, the little teaser about your life... Good start! Can't wait for the next chapter!

deaintheraw said...

Hey Joanna,
great post. Your life in Tennessee in the middle of nature sounds dreamy.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love n' veggies xo Dea

sproutingalive said...

Ooh! Look at you getting all proper on us with a real, honest-to-goodness BLOG! YAY!!! I'm going to get updated, now. I've been behind since the retreat, but slowly I'm catching up.

I can't wait till the boc choys are growing!! You'll never let them reach grandparent status, I'm sure. I can't wait for pics!!!!

Ooh! I also can't wait to park my RV on your 4 acres sometime in the near future! :-P

Lots of love to you, my dear friend!

Wendi Dee

p.s. PLEASE change your settings to allow name/address options for posting. It's a real PIA to use an old LiveJournal log-in to post comments on Blogger. :-P